Monday, July 31, 2006

Outside time...

Well, instead of taking Molly for a stroll in her stroller this afternoon, I decided to take her out in the backyard for some fresh air. The sun was gone from the back yard mostly, so it was safe for her. I took her bouncy seat out there. She loves to see new things, and it fascinates her to have a change of scenery. I put her a hat on, and decided it was picture time! :)
These were the cutest ones of the group.
She is such a cutie!

Molly Cries...

Molly also has had bouts of colic in the last couple of weeks. It usually happens between 4pm and 8 pm.
I got some really great pictures of her building up to this moment shown here. We were laughing at her expense, but had to or we would be crying too. It is so frustrating not being able to soothe them when they are unhappy. :(
I think these expressions are priceless.

Molly Smiles...

Molly will soon be two months old. It is so hard to believe the time has passed off so quickly.
She has changed so much already. Molly has shown that she could smile only after a few days, but in the last week, she started smiling , and cooing. Especially if Greg, and I are holding her, or when she wakes up. :)
She can be such a happy baby.


Well, I am finally going to start posting updates, and pictures about our little Molly on this page.
I hope that you will enjoy sharing our experiences, and reading about how our little girl is growing and changing.