Saturday, October 06, 2007

Growing, and Growing...

Well, Molly is super busy being a toddler these days, being nearly 16 months old. She is climbing on couches, and stairs, and is quite the mimic. She loves to just go. I think she would walk from here to Alabama if I let her.

She is over 25 lbs now, and has nearly 12 teeth. She is starting her terrible twos as well... She has the cutest personality, and is a sweetie...though she has her evil moments. We are so amazed by her everyday.

She took her first airplane trip a little over two weeks ago to Vancouver. We had to go get her a passport for our big trip to Alabama next month. She is going to be quite the world traveler before she is 2! I didn't even get on an airplane until I was in my 20's! It will be an interesting trip to say the least. She will get to spend American Thanksgiving with our family in Alabama. She is going to be so spoiled when we get back.