Thursday, December 28, 2006

Santa came! :)

Molly had a good Christmas. She got lots of nice toys from good ol' St. Nick.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Monday, December 11, 2006

Mmmm....bananas, apples, and sweet potatoes & I am 6 months old!!!

I have had Molly on solids sporadically for the last week and a half. I have been giving her rice cereal with a little bit of other foods mixed in at least once a day, if not twice a day. I had briefly tried banana with her before, and a little apple. Because you are suppose to span at least 3 days between new foods...I tried wax beans, then sweet potatoes, and offcially banana today. So far no signs of allergies. She prefers the food not mixed with the cereal. So, I tried last night, and today the foods by themselves, and she loves them.
Greg, and I have talked about making her own food all along. I have even been to a seminar on making your own versus jarred stuff. I have tried the jarred stuff out of convenience at the time. Today I made bananas for her in the blender. Two large bananas, and a 1/2 cup or a little more of water made a whole ice cube tray full.
It took less than 3 minutes! I think in the long run it will be much healthier, and cheaper to make our own food. It really doesn't take long. The nutritionist that did the seminar, says you can take one hour a week, and have a whole week's suppy or more of baby food to store in the freezer.
This website is also a good source

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Molly is cutting her first tooth...

Poor little girl was just fine this morning. We packed up and headed over to a friend's house for a gathering. Greg went on and walked over with Molly because she needed some fresh air. I was just getting in the car to go over, and I get a call. Apparently she started to cry before they got to our friend's house. I get there, and she is just freaking right out, and it continued. Nothing would console her. So we gave her some tylenol, and packed her up to bring her home. She cried so much she went to sleep, and she seemed better. Then she got fussy again. I felt around in her mouth, and I can feel the tooth beneath the surface.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Molly's new gadget...

I picked up this used exersaucer for Molly yesterday. It was on craigslist for $25. It had been sitting in a carport, and was very dirty, and moldy. I came home and gave it a good scrubbing, and disinfecting. The seat has a little bit of stain from the mold, but you can't really see it , unless you are up close. It is a shame they let it go like that. If I had known that it needed that much cleaning, I would have made them go down on the price. The picture they advertised was a little misleading. Anyhow, I just went on, and took it. Molly needed something with more gadgets. :)

Monday, December 04, 2006

Mmmmmm, wax beans! :)

Molly tried a little bit of wax beans I had in a jar that was given to us. She ate it better than the rice cereal. It was funny, after about 5 or 6 little spoonfuls, she made this horrid face. You would think that would come with the first bite. She is so silly. I intend on making most of her food, but will have some jarred stuff on occasion. We just happen to have this lying around, and thought ok, we will try it.
What will be next??? :)

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Molly's first snow

We are getting our first snowfall here in Richmond. It has been snowing in the mountains for weeks now, but this is the first here in the greater Vancouver area.
Molly is enjoying watching the snow falling while bouncing in her jolly jumper.
The snow has been falling for over an hour now, and we have about 4 inches on the ground. I think we are getting more than they said we were. :)
It is now the next day, and it is still snowing. Hopefully Greg, and I will get out back, and build a small snowman and get some pictures with Molly. :)

A 9th Reindeer?

I have actually been called on this, but I am not counting Rudolph :)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

It's moments like this...

It's moments like this, that make all the hurt , and pain in your life disappear for a little while.


Molly has started going da-da-da-da-da-da-da. She is so cute when she does it. She will do it kind of breathy quietly as I am changing her diaper. She will also do it with a little more voice. She hasn't associated it with anything yet. Greg, and I are both trying to get her to say daddy :)

Friday, November 17, 2006

Molly has her first cold

The last few days Molly has had a runny nose, and a little dry cough. She appeared to be getting better. Then yesterday her cough sounded a little productive, and moreso today. She doesn't cough much, but she definitely has a rattle when she does.

Greg, and I both are/have been sick this week too. I picked it up from Molly, and Greg got it from one or the both of us. I think she picked it up last week at baby group. One of the little ones had been sick week before last.

So we are going in to see the doctor just to make sure everything is ok. Being a new parent, I didn't want to jump the gun. She appears to be fine otherwise, and doesn't seem to be any worse for wear.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hound Dog Molly!!

Cute little video of Molly in her Jolly Jumper
bouncing to the King :)

Click Here

Friday, November 03, 2006

Molly rolled over!!!

I am so psyched...Molly has rolled over from her tummy to her back. She is such a smart little girl!! :)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Monday morning it was -1 C when we got up. So a little bit chilly outside, and we had our stroller class. I decided I better bundle Molly up, and she looks so cute in her little bunting outfit she got from a friend of ours. It is still a tad too big for her, but it sure kept her toasty. I don't think she really liked it to start with, and after an hour she was ready to come out of it. :)

Friday, October 27, 2006

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Look Mom no hands!

Molly has been very active since day one. Her little legs are so strong, and she is building the muscles in them everyday. I got her some new pj's the other day, and decided to take her little picture. I set her up on the couch, and she stood with the help of the couch long enough to get her picture taken. She is so strong!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Molly goes on her first ferry ride.

Yesterday, Greg , Molly and I took the ferry over to Sechelt , BC to visit a good friend of ours. It was Molly's first trip on a boat. She had a big day, and we were completely wiped out by the day's end. We had a lovely day.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Molly is now in her own room...

Well, I finally did it...I put Molly to bed in her own room tonight. I probably won't sleep a wink listening for her. We will have two closed doors between us. :( Ours, and hers. She is across the hall from us. I have to say I am really sad that she isn't going to be with us in our room in her bassinet...she is just growing up so fast. I am sure we will all sleep a lot better for it, and things can get back to a state of normalcy around here.
*sniff* *sniff*

Monday, October 16, 2006

Molly has her first rice cereal...

We tried Molly on rice cereal over the weekend. She seems to like it pretty well. I gave her some more today, and I had to take pictures, and video to share with everyone.
She is so darn cute when she eats. She kicks, and gets all excited. :)

video links:

Monday, October 09, 2006

Molly will be 4 months old in 2 days!!!

Well, I have let posting go by the wayside on both sites...just staying busy these days.

Molly is growing like mad. She is getting stronger everyday. She is sitting in her exersaucer really well now, and is starting to explore her toys more. She is drooling, and chewing on everything. She is starting to show that she will be sitting up on her own before too long. She is so strong. She also has discovered she can express herself through tantrums!
She definitely has her own voice, and will express to you when she is unhappy, and happy.

We have been spending time with other moms and babies during the week, and that has been good for both of us.

Molly goes for her 4 month immunizations on the 17th...not looking so forward to that.

We took pictures this week of her in her Halloween costume....very cute. :)
Here is a picture of her from today. Her daddy thought it would be cute to put her pants on top of her head. :)

Well, I will update more later on.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Our Baby Girl is 3 Months old today!

I can't believe it has been three months already! Where has the time gone? She is getting so big, and she changes everyday. She is currently taking a nap in her big crib. *Sniff* It won't be too
long before she will make the move out of her bassinet, and into her own room. She usually naps wherever, but I thought it would be best to start to get her used to the idea of the crib.

Molly is learning to laugh a little. We have both made her laugh a couple of times now when we play with her. It is so cute.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Shreaks, Schrills, and Squeals

Molly has discovered her voice! Her sounds are definitely changing. She will shreak, and squeal now, and you can definitely tell when she is annoyed! Sometimes she schrills. It is too funny.
I was reading last night on one of my parenting forums that this woman's little boy that just turned 3 months old already has 2 teeth coming in.

I had to read up on this because I didn't think we had to worry about that for a while yet. On the average a baby starts to teeth between 4-7 months of age. Some babies will start to teeth as early as 3 months, and in very rare cases babies can be born with one or two chompers already!

Well, Molly is 2 month, 2 weeks, and 3 days old, and some of the things she has been doing is pointing in the direction that she might be cutting some teeth very soon.

First of all she has been fussier a lot more, especially when I try to feed her. She is chewing on her fists a lot, and she is starting to drool more, though not as bad as it could get. She loves it when I rub the little studded teething thingy I got her a while back on her gums.

Anyhow, I have looked at her gums but can't tell anything. Only time will tell! :)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Story Time

Greg, and I have started reading to Molly on a nearly daily basis now. They say it is really good for them, even with her this young. Tonight she was actually smiling, and cooing while I read to her. Greg got these special pictures. Our little girl is growing up so fast.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I am totally in awe...I had put Molly in her bassinet for a nap, and she was facing the kitchen.
I have been in the floor in the living room for the last little while. I got up to check my computer. I peeked into the bassinet, and she was facing in the opposite direction...this time she has her pacifier in her mouth!!! I didn't put it in there, so she must have!!! I wished I had seen her do it. I can't believe it! :)
Our little girl is getting so growny.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Getting curious...

Molly is starting to get curious about her toys now. She is starting to follow things with her eyes. She is such a happy baby in the mornings. She likes to talk, and coo with Greg and I, all the while she is kicking and bouncing like mad. I often wonder if she is going to just take off. I think she will be an early walker, but that is just me. She is so active! Sometime I get frustrated with her, because she gets figity during feeding time, and often kicks me.
She is growing up so fast, it is amazing how the time just goes by.

Friday, August 18, 2006

First Shots...

Molly had her first immunization shots on Tuesday. Four in total!! Poor little girl. She did so well. She cried, but only for a short time. I was so proud of her. I was dissappointed I couldn't just go out and reward her with an ice cream or treat of some sort!
She goes back at 4 months of age for more immunizations. She hadn't been weighed since she was a month old, and she weighed 8 lbs then. She now weighs 9 lbs 10 oz. She is growing so fast!
Here are some pics of her from yesterday in a cute little pj set she got from my friend in NY.

Molly has some new friends...

I took the time a couple of days ago to take some pictures with some of her stuffed animals, and they just turned out so cute!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Molly will be 2 months old tomorrow!

Here are some pics to compare how much she has changed!

Molly two days shy of her 2 month birthday & Molly 8 days old.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sleeping through the night...

Molly has been doing pretty good about sleeping through the night since I decided I should let her sleep instead of waking her to feed her. She usually falls asleep in the late evening, and then maybe up for a feed, then we for sure have her ready for sleep by 10pm. She slept this morning until after 5a.m. So that is pretty good.

I thought for the longest time that I should be waking her, and felt it was bad for her to miss a feeding or two. I finally learned that if she were hungry she would wake up, so I learned to let it go.

Molly is cooing, and making more happy noises these days. She smiles at me and Greg, and that just melts away any frustrations. :)

Last Saturday we took her to Sears to try to get her portrait done, but we didn't have an appointment, and they couldn't work us in until in the afternoon. Well, Molly by that time had stayed up the entire time...which is unusual for her , since she sleeps during all of our outings. Well, by the time we got there, and her changed into her little dress, she was cranky, and tired. She didn't want to have any part of getting her portrait done. So we go back in two weeks in the morning this time.

In 2 days she will be officially 2 months old. She was born 8 weeks ago this past Sunday. It is hard to believe the time has gone by so quickly. She will be in college before we know it!!!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Cool Gift...

Molly got the coolest quilt the other day made by three woman we know from the community. It is just beautiful. We really love it. Molly has gotten all kinds of blankets...anywhere from fleece, knitted, crocheted, quilts, chenile, cotton, velour. She has gotten about 20 in total now. She will definitely keep really warm.
Here are pics of the quilt.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Clothes, Clothes everywhere!!!!!

Oh my! Molly has soooo many clothes, she can open up a small boutique of her own.
Washing, and putting stuff away...I swear I come across stuff I swear I have never laid eyes on before in my life!!!!! It isn't just the clothes either, she has blankets, and toys coming out of her ears too! :) She will never want for anything that is for sure.
She is a very loved little girl. :)
I am afraid she won't get to wear some of the stuff, but we will try to wear it once if we can. :)
Thank goodness for consignment shops!

Monday, July 31, 2006

Outside time...

Well, instead of taking Molly for a stroll in her stroller this afternoon, I decided to take her out in the backyard for some fresh air. The sun was gone from the back yard mostly, so it was safe for her. I took her bouncy seat out there. She loves to see new things, and it fascinates her to have a change of scenery. I put her a hat on, and decided it was picture time! :)
These were the cutest ones of the group.
She is such a cutie!

Molly Cries...

Molly also has had bouts of colic in the last couple of weeks. It usually happens between 4pm and 8 pm.
I got some really great pictures of her building up to this moment shown here. We were laughing at her expense, but had to or we would be crying too. It is so frustrating not being able to soothe them when they are unhappy. :(
I think these expressions are priceless.

Molly Smiles...

Molly will soon be two months old. It is so hard to believe the time has passed off so quickly.
She has changed so much already. Molly has shown that she could smile only after a few days, but in the last week, she started smiling , and cooing. Especially if Greg, and I are holding her, or when she wakes up. :)
She can be such a happy baby.


Well, I am finally going to start posting updates, and pictures about our little Molly on this page.
I hope that you will enjoy sharing our experiences, and reading about how our little girl is growing and changing.