Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Molly started singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in full yesterday, and it is so cute! She will have it perfect before too long.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Country Girl Molly

Molly loves being on our land. I think she is going to make a great country girl. :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Bumps and Bruises

Well, we had a pretty eventful week in the falling department this past week. Molly had 4 tumbles in side of one week!! The first was a slip, and a face plant right on the tile floor in the hall, ending up with a bloody fat upper lip. :( Then a couple of days later she took a tumble off the bottom step on our back steps, and hit her head on the concrete. Then she took a tumble on Saturday down 2 stairs on her way up for a bath, after she turned on a dime to look at me. Luckily I was right there, and broke her fall. Then yesterday she was playing on our bed, and rolled off onto the floor.
Molly is just fine, but my nerves are not!! I am on pins, and needles anytime she is on the stairs, or on the bed now. I guess all in the life of a toddler?? Mommy doesn't like it. :(

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Well it has been a while since I posted an update on Molly. She is now nearly 22 months old. She is about 34" high, and around 31 lbs. She is crazy active. She just got over a case of roseola. She was not herself. She is usually no worse for wear when she is sick, but she was not well. Poor thing.

We have been attending BC StrongStart at one of the local elementary schools. It is a paid program by the BC government so it is free to go. They have a range of activities for all ages, and parents can meet other parents. They have free play time, circle time, snack time, craft time, more free time, and then a story. On Monday's and Wednesdays they have gym time. Which basically is a free for all in the gym. The kids have a blast running around chasing balls, and each other.
On Tuesdays they have library time. Molly is enjoying herself, and learning lots of things.

As well as a daily increasing vocabulary, along with knowing her abc's , and counting to ten... she is also speaking some Spanish words. She is starting to count in Spanish, and she says hola a bunch. Not only does she know the numbers in Spanish, she knows the order as well. Even if she is my child she is a pretty smart cookie, though she is no where near ready to potty train. I will have a genius in diapers. :( I guess we can't have it all. :)

She amazes me everyday, and I look forward to each to see what she does next. :)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

All she needs is a horse, and she is ready

Greg got Molly a cowboy hat when he was in Texas recently for work. This is a short video we took of cute!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Infant Swimming Resource

This is an amazing video. A must see for every parent of young children


Friday, January 18, 2008

Classical Baby

I am always looking for dvd's or toys that help us teach Molly things, as well as for entertainment purposes. I came across a dvd yesterday called, "Classical Baby, The Dance Show". It wasn't very much so I picked it up. It is presented by HBO Entertainment. I think that I saw a similar show on HBO when we were in Alabama last November. I thought the animation art was really great, as well as a various mix of classical music greats.

Apparently, there are two more dvds, and I have ordered them as well...Classical Baby, The Art Show, and Classical Baby, The Music Show." I am looking forward to getting these. Molly really seems to like them. They are quite soothing for parents to have on in the background, and not have various mix of cartoon shows playing. I get really tired of the repetition of most of Molly's programs, and heaven knows I know way to many of the episodes by heart.

I popped this dvd in this morning, and I enjoyed a cup of Irish creme coffee, while classical music played in the background, and Molly watched, and listened while playing with her puzzles. It was sure a lot more peaceful than, "Can you help Dora, and boots find the cookie?" or "Say, Rescue Pack!" I prefer the programs on PBS to Treehouse most of the time, but I can't complain too much about Treehouse, it has some really great programming. I still stand firmly by the Baby Einstein Videos, and The Little Einsteins programs. Molly absolutely loves them, and I know she has learned so much from them.

I really like the options, and resources that parents have today for their babies, toddlers, and children. It is sure a lot different than when I was a child.

Hopefully with all the resources, education, and technology that children have today, we can raise happy, healthy ,well-rounded,and educated children.

They are the key to our future.

Vocabulary guru....

Molly's vocabulary is growing daily. She uses "oh no!", "why?", "wow", "oh, wow.", and "wee" quite frequently these days. She can recognize apples, and horses by a picture, or object. She said tractor yesterday after I showed her the tractor snowplow outside our window. It is truly amazing to watch them grow.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Monkey = Mom-eee"

Molly's vocabulary is really coming along. She is now identifying pictures of objects, and saying their proper name, or the Molly equivalent. :)

She has this wonderful set of alphabooks by Baby Einstein that is currently one of her very favorite things to play with.

The set of board books has one book per letter of the alphabet, and has three pictures with the name of the image for each letter of the alphabet. I was showing her the M book, and there was a picture of a monkey, and Molly promptly said with proud enthusiasm "mom-eee". I told her no Molly, that is a monkey, and she was adamant that it was a "mom-eee".

There is really no arguing with a very strong willed toddler! :)